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4 Fall Fashion Trends That You Must Try

Hi Fashionista! I know that fall has already started, but I wanted to make sure that you guys stay on trend. This fall there are some really fun trends that I know you guys will love. Here are 4 fall fashion trends that you must have in your closet! As always I found some affordable pieces for you fashionista’s. Happy Shopping! (click directly on the picture to shop the look)

1. Knee High Boots

One of the hottest trends this fall is knee high boots. These boots will slay in any color, but let’s talk about these animal prints. Zebra and snakeskin print are a must this fall. You will without a doubt be a show stoppers in these prints. Also, these prints are easy to style. Throw these prints on with a all black outfit to add a little fierceness.

2. Trousers

You can dress up any outfit with a pair of Trousers. Don’t be afraid to try bold colored trousers this season. You can try wide leg or skinny trousers, which ever you feel more comfortable in. (I honestly love both) These pants are also made to fit any body type, so you have no excuse.

3. Tote Bags

Now if you have not hopped on the tote bag train yet, you are missing out. Tote bag are absolutely the “IT” bag this season. I know that you have seen the Marc Jacobs tote bags everywhere these days, but if you don’t like them I picked out a few others you may like. Totes are not only a very functional bag, but also trendy! Try out the snakeskin or the fur totes for a more fun look.

4. Cardigans

Who doesn’t like a cute cardigan? Cardigans are meant to keep you warm, but why can’t you be warm and fashionable? I am in love with the Maxi cardigans this season. The oversized and crop cardigans are also super cute. These can be paired skirts, jeans, trousers, or even shorts Staying on trend this fall you must try out a animal print cardigan. (trust me you’ll love it)

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