Buy Black(uary)!

Updated: May 4, 2020

In honor of black history and Killa Mike's "Trigga Warning" on Netflix I am dedicating the entire month of February to "buying black". I almost fell out of my chair when Killa Mike stated that the dollar only stays in the black community for only a mere SIX MINUTES. Yes you heard me, SIX MINUTES! Contrary to other communities like the Jewish community. Their dollar stays in their community for almost 30 days. I started to do my own research because frankly I thought, "this man must be lying". As I started to research it I learned that, "Money circulates zero to one time within the black community, compared to the more than six times it circulates in the Latino community, nine times in the Asian community and unlimited amount of times within the white community.” Ok so now I'm trippin! This got me thinking, "How much am I spending in the black community"? Well my nail technician, beautician, and esthetician are all black, but that's about where my dollar stops in the black community. So I decided, much like, Killa Mike to go on a quest to find and invest more into the black community the entire month of February. I've already found some pretty amazing products that are fully blacked owned. I was able to try out these products and believe me, I am fully converted into being a life long customer. I encourage everyone to "buy black" all month long and hopefully find some products or businesses that we love and can continue to purchase past February. Check out or if you need some help finding black businesses. Go out in your community and support local black businesses as well. Use #buyblackuary on social media. Let's start a revolution!

Here are some of the products that I've already purchased from black owned businesses: