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Give your hair it’s Vitamins with Pantene Pro-Vitamin Repair Essence!

Updated: May 29

I have been holding back a secret from you guys. I recently came across Pantene’s new Pro-Vitamin Repair Essence and took their 14 day challenge. This helps rebuild hair strength and gives you stronger hair in only two weeks. I usually keep my hair in protective styles like, wigs, braids, or sew ins, but I have recently noticed that my hair has been suffering from breakage, so I decided to give Pantene Pro-Vitamin Repair Essence a try to help revitalize and strengthen my hair.

During the 14 day challenge I sprayed Pantene Pro-Vitamin Repair Essence on my damp hair from root to tip before styling my hair. I also used this product on my weave after styling to give my hair the shine that I love. What I love about this daily mist is that you can use it daily, on dry or damp hair and it smells amazing! I definitely noticed that my hair was healthier, stronger and had less breakage after 14 days. Pantene Pro-Vitamin Repair Essence Is available on Amazon and is a must try!

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