My 3 Tips to Get "Snatched" for the Summer

I'm going to let you guys in on a little secret, summer bodies are not made in the winter. They are most likely made a couple weeks before summer begins. As summer approaches I always rush to get "swim suit ready" like, somehow I forgot that summer was coming. So I go into overtime prepping for "bikini season". Drinking a gallon of water a day and of course, the worst part exercising. In no way am I a gym rat, the gym and I have a love and hate relationship. If I can't make it to the gym then I'l usually do HIIT workouts at home. I prefer HIIT workouts due to fact that I am able to shred fat quickly. Now please understand that along with exercising, drinking water is going to be an important part of your "getting snatched" journey. Drinking water not only helps with weight loss but also aides in the reduction of cellulite. Also make sure you follow some "fit chicks" for inspiration. Joie in Life and Brittne Babe YouTube channels are usually my "go to" for workouts videos and meal prep ideas. Some of these methods are far from traditional, but BABEEE you will be snatched. Before you go stocking up on the swim suits check out my top secret tips to get swim suit ready:

1. Coffee Scrub:

If you have have cellulite, like many of us women do, here are some natural ways to get rid of it. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate! If you want to get rid of anything in your life, exfoliate it. (that goes for cellulite, boyfriend, debt) Now if you have not heard of the phenomenon of coffee scrub, I am here to tell you that it is 100% amazing! The caffeine from the coffee scrubs increasing blood flow and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Be sure to rub the scrub in upward motions towards the heart.

2. Colonic:

Now I know this method may be a little extreme for some people, but it does help me jump start my diet and clean out my colon. During this process a large amount of filtered water flushes your colon through a tube that is inserted into your rectum. I know you guys must think I'm crazy and this process may be a little uncomfortable, but it does work . I guarantee you that you will leave feeling and looking a little lighter. These type of treatments are usually done in spas. My preference is Clean Start Miami which is located in Miami. During this process you will have the option of having a technician massage your stomach to help aide with the colon cleanse.

3. Wood Therapy:

I found about wood therapy about 3 years ago and I have been hooked ever since. Wood therapy is massage that incorporates wooden tools. There are a variety of wooden tools that can be used during this massage, such as a vacuum suctions and rolling pins. (no its not the kind of rolling pins that you bake with) The therapist usually chooses which tool would be better to use depending on body part. Let me warn you this massage can be a little painful, but "pain is beauty" right? While wood therapy offer many benefits such as increasing lymphatic circulation. I definitely see a reduction in my cellulite when performed on thighs and inches decreased off my waist when performed on my abdominal area.

Here are some of may absolute favorite items that I use to get right!

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