My 5 Wardrobe Essentials

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Do you have a hard time putting pieces together? Is there always something missing from your outfit, but you don't know exactly what it is? If you want to know what items you absolutely need in your closet, I got you. When it comes to putting pieces together, girl it doesn’t have to be rocket science. I went through my closet and picked out 5 wardrobe essentials. I also found some less expensive dupes for you guys. Just click on the links to go shopping in my closet or try out these really cool dupes! Happy Shopping Ladies!

1. Pumps

Honey, a good pair of pumps will never go out of style. I decided to invest in the Christian Louboutin nude and black "So Kate" pumps, which were $695. Girl, don't worry you do not have to spend a lot of money to get a good pair of pumps. I found a really cute dupe from Steve madden, that will only cost you $95. I decided to go with nude and black pumps, because honestly these colors can be compliment any outfit.

Christian Louboutin Steve Madden Dupe

2. T-Shirt

Okay, so I know you are thinking "a t-shirt, really?" *inserts eye roll* Honestly a basic white or black t-shirt is something so simple, but yet so necessary. You can throw on a plain white t-shirt with a pair of cut off shorts and some heels and still look Fierce! (like I did in the picture below) Or you can put a t-shirt on with a blazer, a pair of jeans with a pair of boots. There are so many options when it comes to t-shirts. Which is why I absolutely think that this is a wardrobe essential. I purchased my t-shirts from Zara for $9.90, but I found a dupe at forever 21 for only $4.99.

Zara Forever 21

3. Blazer

Blazers! Blazers! Blazers! I am obsessed with blazers. (which is probably why I have one in almost every color) I love the fact that you can dress blazers up with heels or dress it down with sneakers for a chic look. My fav's are Zara's blazers, but they can get a little a pricey. (I usually stock up when they have a sale) I found a dope dupe for you ladies at forever 21 for only $24.99.

Zara Forever 21

4. Jeans

A good pair of jeans that flatter your curves is without a doubt an essential item. Recently I have been infatuated with mom jeans and boyfriend jeans. I usually size them 1-2 sizes up for a more loose fit. Now ladies, Target has been my go to for my jeans lately. I also find some really cute jeans at Forever 21 for around $30. I do not believe that a good pair of jeans have to break the bank, but always make sure that they are comfy and flattering.

Target Forever 21

5. Hats

I've always been a big fans of hats. (especially for bad hair days) Adding a hat to any outfit can definitely bring any look together. Fedora hats are my new fav's, but you can never go wrong with a dad cap as well. I was able to find my hats at super great prices from Target and Forever 21 . Both hats were around $20.

Target Forever 21

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