My Amazon Must Have's

If you love an effortless shopping experience, like myself, then Amazon is your go-to. I honestly order from Amazon at least once a week, and honey I don't see myself stopping anytime soon! I order everything from keto friendly snacks to cute sport bras. You can literally find anything on amazon. Do you need a sweater for your cat? Amazon! Or how about a pair of shoes for your pet bird? Amazon! Who doesn't love goodies delivered to their doorstep, sometimes the very next day? Other than shopping, one of my favorite things to do is share my finds with you guys (sharing is caring right?). Here are some of my Amazon must haves:

In my journey of attempting to become more organized, I found this really cute jewelry organizer. I love the fact that it separates all of my jewelry, rather than me digging around in a jewelry box for what seems to be forever. This organizer comes with 32 slots for your jewelry and a lid for a more clean look.

I do not know about you guys, but for me, the more lights the better! This lighted mirror is an essential part of my makeup application process. This particular mirror comes with a removal magnification and 12 dimmable bulbs. I like the fact that this mirror is lightweight and portable, making it easier to transport.

Drinking a gallon of water a day is usually a challenge for me, but this water bottle makes it so much easier. I usually cut up some lemon, strawberries and mint, and throw them in my water bottle for a fruity and refreshing taste. This bottle comes with a straw and it is time marked to keep you on track. I also love the pretty ombre colors that this bottle comes in. Who says that you can't be healthy and fashionable at the same time?

I actually found this clothing rack on another fashion bloggers page and fell in love. The gold aesthetics and functionality was exactly what I needed. My favorite thing about this clothing rack is it was a breeze to put together and its very sturdy. If you are wondering if you seen this rack have! It is an staple in my decor for my videos and pictures.

This changing pod has made creating content so much easier for me. I mainly use this for when I am out taking pictures at different locations. I use to try to change in the car, which was a struggle. I like the fact that this product is lightweight and comes with a carrying case. Whenever I'm ready to use it, I just pop it up for a quick and private outfit change. This tent can also be used for camping or changing at the beach.

I hope you guys love my "must have's" as much as I do. These are all quality products that I use almost daily. You can shop these products just by clicking on the picture of the product. Leave a comment with some of your must haves so I can check them out. Happy shopping dolls!

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