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My Spring Beauty Favorites

Happy May Fashionista's! The flowers are blooming and the weather is getting warmer, which can only mean one thing..Its Spring Time! On my recent shopping adventure to Sephora and Ulta I was able to try some amazing products. So I have curated a list of some of this seasons must have beauty products just for you guys. Some products are old and some are new, but believe me they are definitely worth the buy! I've also made it easy for you to find the product, just click right on the picture.

If you are looking for a full body glow, look no further. Fenty Beauty's body sauce has great coverage and is long lasting. I was able to test it out on my recent vacation to Belize. Belize was very and humid, but my body sauce did not transfer. I had a beautiful even glow throughout my entire vacation.

Sol Janiero's Bom Dia Bright cream was another product I bought to try on vacation. This cream smells amazing! The product is advertised to brightening and even out your skin tone. I currently use this cream all over body because it smells so delicious. I can't say if it even out your skin tone yet, but I can say that it leaves your skin moisturized.

Paula's Choice pore normalizing cleanser is my go-to cleanser. I use this product everyday and I swear by it. It has helped be control my acne and leave my skin feeling soft and clean. I picked this product as a spring beauty favorites because as the weather gets warmer a good face cleanser is essential.

I have a lot of different perfumes, (too many) but Tiffany & Co Love is definitely one of my favorites. I picked this particular fragrance as my spring favorite due to fact that its a light and fresh fragrance. This perfume is not too heavy, so its perfect for spring.

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