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Summer Wardrobe Essentials

I don't know about you, but this summer I plan on summerin' like I've never summered before! I usually dress for comfort during these hot summer days. Living in South Florida the weather is exceptionally hot this year. One thing that I absolutely hate is wearing something that makes me hot and sweaty. Let me tell you fashionista's, sweat marks are not a good look. I usually tend to stick my staples, like cut off shorts and crop tops. Don't forget that you always dress up or dress down any of these essentials. So if you are going brunch, the beach, or just hanging with some friends this summer. These wardrobe essentials will definitely come in handy.

Denim Shorts

I mean is it really summer if you are not wearing denim shorts? I am a sucker for some cut off denim shorts. Hollister and Abercrombie recently came out with a curvy girl collection for all of their denim, including shorts. I fell in love with this collection. As a curvy girl myself, I usually have to get all of my denim altered around my waist area. Usually the waist is too big or the thigh area is too tight. The curvy girl collection denim has stretch and there was absolutely no gapping around my waist. They fit like a glove, I was astonished! So if you are a curvy girl (like myself) definitely try this collection. Hollister and Abercrombie has a really great variety of denim for all sizes.

Flat Sandals

I can't imagine going through summer without a really cute pair of flat sandals. I mean who doesn't love being cute and comfy. If you are going to a summer backyard barbeque, heading to beach, or just running some errands flat sandals will definitely come in handy. If you live in a warmer climate, like myself flat sandals are an essential all year long. Some of my favorite places to shop for sandals are Steve Madden and Tory Burch. They have some affordable and very trendy options.


If you know me, you know that I am a "set girl", especially during the summer. Sets are just easier and some are very light weight. I don't know about you, but I get lazy during the summer and do not want to put too much thought into a outfit. So throwing on a set with some accessories and shoes to match is the perfect "lazy style" hack. Amazon has some really nice sets that you can dress up or dress down. You can either throw on a blazer or a jean jacket over any set to complete the look.

Maxi Dress

Another "lazy style hack" for the summer is load up on dresses. Just like sets, they are super easy and can be dressed up or down. Maxi dresses are my absolute favorite, but you can also go with a short number for the summer. The great thing about dresses is that they come in so many different styles and you can find one in any price bracket. I was able to find some really cute dresses while thrifting for under $10.

Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are my go- to for a chic street style look. Also if I am wearing something that is sleeveless, I would usually throw on a cute denim jacket. Denim jackets are an essential that you wear all year long.

Tote Bag

I don't know what it is about the summer, but for some reason I need to carry a lot more items than normal. A tote bag is a must have for the summer. They are great for travel as well as everyday use. The Marc Jacobs totes are the trendiest tote bags this year. If you are looking for a less expensive tote bag, try looking on Amazon.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are a summer staple. During the summer crop tops are a great way to stay cool while looking fashionable. They come in so many different styles, so I am sure that you can find one that fits your personal style. Crop tops can be found at literally clothing store, online and in stores. Don't worry about the size of your tummy (this is summer is going to get whatever body we give it).

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