The New Normal: Adjusting to Life in the Midst of a Pandemic

The Beginning

When 2020 started who knew that in just a few months that whole world would be overcome by pandemic. Everything happened so quickly. One moment I went from watching China be shut down to my own city being closed down. The malls, parks and literally everything except for the groceries store closed for business. My son started his last semester of 8th grade online (which definitely took some getting use to for both of us). There was no longer any toilet paper, Lysol, or paper towel in the stores. My anxiety went through the roof as I watched my coworkers around me fall ill and be hospitalized. Social distancing (staying at least 6ft away from people) is now a "thing" and people are taking it very serious.

My New Norm

My new routine consist of taking elderberry, a multivitamin, and emergen-c daily. I now drink enough ginger tea to supply a small village and dread going to the gas station. (even more than usual) Spraying every surface or door knob with Lysol at least 5 times a day was the new normal. Being a essential worker that did not have the option to work for home just put my anxiety through the roof. What if I get sick from one of my coworkers? What if I bring it home to my family? These questions ran through my mind constantly. Should go on leave until after the pandemic is over and self quarantine in my house with the rest of my family? I've never experienced anything like this in my life and I had no clue where to even start.

My New Outlook on Life

After stress eating for about 2 weeks, I decided to put down the ice cream and look on the positive side. This is the time for me to get closer to God and walk by faith. The world was at a pause for the first in my life and I actually had a chance to slow down. When I stopped feeling sorry for myself I looked around and saw a lot more positives that I haven't seen in a long time. Daily talks with God and thanking him for allowing me to see a day was part of my new norm. I use to get so tied up with everyday work, being a mom, having a social life that I would forget to talk to God. Now I have the opportunity to spend more time with him and my family. My family and I started taking walks around the neighborhood after dinner and sometimes we would bike ride (we would never have a opportunity to do this under normal circumstances). I had more time to spend on my blog and I actually started writing for another blog. With the money I was saving I was able to pay off about 5k in credit card debit (which had me wondering what I spending money on in the past). I am really focusing on the important things in life. This "new normal" may be here to stay.

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