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3 Ways to Make Money as a Influencer

Have seen your favorite influencer and wondered how are they making a sustainable income, by just posting a picture or a video? Well there is a lot more that goes into creating content and monetizing off of it. When it comes to being an influencer there are multiple ways to make money. Not all influencers excel in the same stream of income. This is very different from the world that we are all use to. Where you have one job and that brings in one significant income. Most influencers make a living using multiple streams that equals up to one lump sum. So if you are new to the content creation world or want to start, here are a few ways to get paid.

1. Brand Deals

Working with brands is usually the top way that influencers make the bulk of their money. This is when you enter a partnership with a brand to promote a product or a service. Upon entering this agreement the influencer and the brand agree to a particular price for a Instagram, Tiktok, or YouTube post. A rate is usually agreed upon depending on your engagement and number of followers. This source of income has become a very fruitful source for a lot of influencers. Some influencers have made millions in brand deals, like one of favorites, Jalisa Vaughn. Jalisa brought in 1 million dollars in brand deals in 2021.

2. Affiliate Marketing

If you are not familiar with affiliate marketing and you want to be an influencer it is time to get very familiar with it. I know that you have seen your favorite influencer promote some of their favorite products on Amazon or other websites. They are most likely part of an Affiliate program, where they get paid commission when you use their link to shop. Almost every major brand has an affiliate program, where they pay you a small commission to influence people to shop with them. This has also become a very lucrative income for Influencers. There different programs that match with different niches. For example, if you are a fashion influencer you can use Reward Styles. Reward style is a platform that works with thousands of brands and creators to provide affiliate marketing all in one place.

3. Create A Product

Creating a product or service the you provide will always be your most important stream of income as an influencer. This is stream of income is so important because this is a product/ service that belongs to you and that you have complete control over. Creating a product, like an eBook or a course it a great way to make passive income. The investment to create something like a eBook is usually very low, allowing you to make a big return on your profit. Creating a product is something that you can do one time and keep profiting from it as long as you want. Also this stream is important because you can set your own prices, depending on what you believe that your product is worth. I encourage every influencer or content creator to use their expertise and create a product that people can learn from. This will definitely be your most stable source of income if you are willing to put in the work.

I dive more into detail about the different ways to make money as an blogger/influencer in my eBook.

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