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Colombia, the new “IT” Place To Travel

When it was time to plan my annual birthday trip, I did not want to go to just another island and lay out on the beach all day. I wanted more, something of substance. So, while scrolling on social media I saw Colombia come across my feed a couple times. I saw these beautiful colorful pictures, good food, and a beach (as an option) so I decided to look more into Colombia. What I did not expect was to see so much black history in Colombia. Yes, you heard me right! Colombia has an immense amount of black history. I just found the perfect destination with the right amount of culture and beaches! We rented an Airbnb with in the “Walled City”, which was 3 stories, with a Jacuzzi on the top floor. I would totally suggest staying in the city instead of an hotel on the beach in order to get the full experience.

A friend of mines recommended a tour guide named Alex Rocha, who took around the beautiful Cartagena and gave us little history lessons here and there. As we drove to our destinations he drove through small villages, some with no running water. Alex took us to the local businesses, so we could help support these hard working Colombia natives. We partied with the locals, took mud bathes in a volcano, and took a boat ride to a private island!

Yes I said mud volcano! About 45 minutes from the city is an inactive volcano filled with mud. Once you follow the stairs to the top you get to see an amazing view and get to jump right into a what seems to be a deep pool of mud. Its ok though, you cannot sink. Once in the mud volcano there are local workers there that massage you from the time that you get in until its time to leave, for a fee of course. The mud is safe to put all over your body and leaves your body feeling smooth. Unfortunately, the mud is not allowed to leave Colombia. I know because I asked!

One thing I can say about Colombia is that the natives are hustlers. Almost everywhere you go people are trying to sell food, hats, sunglasses, and the list goes on. Just be careful not to spend all of your pesos. Other than that I had the most amazing time in Colombia and plan on going back really soon. Make sure that you watch vlog and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more vlogs on travel, fashion, beauty and more.

Ok so here’s the must do if you find yourself Cartagena:

1. Volcan de Lodo El Totumo: aka mud volcano 2. Rosario Islands 3. African Tour Oh and do not forget eat as much as you can!! The food was amazing!

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