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My 5 Top Inexpensive Brands

I can without a doubt be described as a shopaholic. I have enough clothes and shoes to clothe a small village, but on my journey I have learned a few things. One of the greatest lessons is that you do not always have to purchase expensive pieces to get quality. I love to mix high and low brands to create a glam chic look. My favorite looks are usually a pair a $700 pair of Louboutin’s with a $50 Fashion Nova dress and still be the best dressed in the room.

1. Naked Wardrobe If you are looking for some bomb basics, Naked Wardrobe is the place. This brand has easily become of my absolute fav’s over the last couple of years. They offer everything from bodysuits to statement pieces. So if you are looking for a cute and comfy airport look or a show stopping piece for a event, Naked Wardrobe will deliver. With pieces starting at only $24,you just can’t go wrong with this fashion savvy brand. (Make sure to check their Instagram story for discount codes)

If I’m sure that you girls are no stranger to this U.K. brand. I mean who doesn’t love this brand? They are constantly delivering us fashion forward pieces for a reasonable price. Don’t think that just because their clothes are low priced, that they are low quality. Nope! I can definitely attest that they produce quality clothing. The only thing is making sure you know your U.K. size before ordering, because that can be tricky. Sis, DO NOT forget to check out the 40%-50% off sales. You will not regret it!!

3. Fashion Nova I know every girl and even some guys have at least one piece from Fashion Nova in their closet. I am definitely no stranger to Fashion Nova, myself. Their clothes are undeniably affordable and always trendy. I love the fact that they carry such variety of items. You can purchase everything from lingerie, jeans, shoes and accessories from there. So if you are looking for a one stop shop, look no further!!

4. Boohoo Boohoo was not always at the top of my inexpensive place to shop list, but they definitely grew on me. I have found some really amazing pieces from there (like these pants shown below). This is another site that is tricky with sizes, so make sure you follow their sizing chart. You can find items for under $10 on boohoo, therefore the only problem I have is trying not to order too much.

5. ZaraZara, Zara, Zara (take all my money please)! I absolutely love everything about Zara. Now this store can get a little pricey, but you can absolutely find some pieces for a steal. I love the fact that they carry glam pieces as well as chic street wear pieces. Zara is also a one stop shop, carrying an array of items to complete any look. With this store I prefer to shop in store, their sizes can run weird to me so I prefer to try their clothes on .

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